The Advantages Of Choosing Military-Grade MREs

The Advantages Of Choosing Military-Grade MREs

If you are interested in purchasing MREs, there are a number of different reasons you may have. Some people like to use them since they are very convenient ways to prepare a meal while out away from civilization, making them perfect for camping, hunting, and hiking trips. Others simply want to keep a supply around for use in an emergency situation, ensuring there is food available if water and power go out. No matter what your motivation is, if you have searched for MREs before, you are probably aware that there are both civilian-grade and military-grade MREs available on the market.

Military-grade MREs may not have as large of a selection when it comes to flavor and types of foods, however, they often last longer in storage and are more nutritionally complete. They also make it more likely that it will be a complete meal and not just a single component. You will often find that they include a bread, spread, entree, snack, beverage, and even a dessert. There will usually also be a kit including accessories such as utensils, napkins, condiments, instant coffee, and non-dairy creamer. Sometimes they will have the option of including a FRH, or flameless ration heater, as well.

MRE meals for the civilian market are usually made to mix-and-match together, so you can’t usually get an entire meal from a single packet. If you are wanting to stock up on supplies, it is better to go with a military-grade option. However, there are some other factors to consider as well.

If you want to be a purist, you may be searching for actual military MRE units, either in surplus or manufactured using the same companies that supply the US Department of Defense. However, a military-grade MRE may not be actually from the military. These units are for civilian sale only, however, they meet the same standards of military MREs. A practical user will not mind such a small difference, however, if you are an enthusiast, make sure you are aware of this fact and learn if the product you are considering meets your strict criteria.

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