The Advantages of Military-Grade MRE Meals

The Advantages of Military-Grade MRE Meals

You might have a number of reasons for your new interest in MRE meals. Some people like them because they are the perfect easy food for a hike in the woods or a camping trip. Other people just like having them around for emergencies or natural disasters. These are excellent to have around when power or water are both out. Whatever your motivation is, if you have ever shopped for them you know that you can find military grade MRE meals alongside civilian grade meals where they are sold.

Now, military-grade MRE meals don’t always have the flavour and variety that their civilian versions do. One advantages of them is that they are usually capable of lasting longer and being much more nutritious. You can expect to get a full meal including an entree, bread, some kind of spread, a dessert and a beverage. These MREs also include instant coffees with nondairy creamers, spoons, napkins and even condiment kits. They may even include something called FRH which is a flameless ration heater.

When you choose civilian-grade MRE meals, you cannot always count on getting a full meal out of one package. If you are looking to stock up for any type of emergency it can make sense to opt for the military grade meals. This is where things can get tricky, however.

If you are someone who wants to be a purist you are going to want to buy the actual meals that are used by the military. You can buy these at military surplus stores or buy them from the same supply places that the Department of Defense gets them from. Be aware that just because something says MRE does not mean it is military. There are units that are made just for civilians that do meet military standards but enthusiasts will want to look carefully into any product line before buying.

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